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Neither government comes out well from the revelations about the springing of the Lockerbie bomber.

Call me naive, but the tale of how Adelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi was bought and sold for British oil is shocking, not just because of the cynical avarice of the UK government but the fact the SNP government appears to have wanted a piece of the action. It’s seems no one was telling the truth … Continue reading

Corbyn is right on shoot-to-kill and Syria – and Labour MPs know it.

Forget Syria. The Paris attacks have ignited the most vicious civil war in the UK Labour Party’s history. Right-wingers in the parliamentary party (we’re supposed to call them “moderates” apparently) have been seizing any opportunity to damage their leader’s reputation over his reaction to the crisis. He is a bonkers pacifist, we’re told, who wants … Continue reading

Let Mossad Air take you there.

 Tired of boring old package holidays to Tenerife and Marbella?  Fed up sitting around at airports waiting for the next cancelled flight?  Had enough of brutal customer relations from low cost carriers?    Now, for the first time in Britain, a totally new way to travel and see the world, and all from the safety … Continue reading

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