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Better Together’s secret weapon: Tony Blair.

Herald  18/12/12 First it was David Cameron, now Tony Blair has entered the fray. He told journalists at a press gallery lunch this week that he stood ready and willing to come to the aid of  Better Together’s fight to keep Scotland in the UK. All we need is for Margaret Thatcher to come out … Continue reading

Poor Tony: domestic abuse drove him to the bottle. A Journey is misery literature for the political classes

  So that explains it:  Tony Blair was pissed half the time.  One of the most extraordinary revelations in the former PM’s foray into confessional literature, “A Journey”, is that he was, by many medical definitions, a problem drinker.  A stiff G and T (3 units) and up to half bottle of wine (5 units) … Continue reading

Blair’s last stand

.No regrets. Tony Blair didn’t actually quote Edith Piaf, but the former prime minister was resolute about the wisdom of his own judgement over the Iraq war. Nothing to apologise for. The evidence of WMD was “beyond doubt”. We had to go in and deal with Saddam or else we ‘d all likely have been … Continue reading

President Blair – or maybe not.

 Napoleon.  Hitler. Tony Blair. The first two tried and failed to become emperors of Europe, and it looked as if  Blair might just have succeeded. They were even calling him “El Presidente”. That was until Gordon Brown stepped in with his fulsome endorsement last week. It was the kiss of death.      Within hours … Continue reading

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