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Kim’s nukes to target Glasgow – Cameron

David Cameron raised the stakes in the independence debate last week by insisting that it would be “foolish” to abandon Trident in the Clyde when there is a growing threat from countries like North Korea. I’m not sure it was entirely wise to suggest that we might be on Kim’s target list. Are we to … Continue reading

Trident job losses and other independence scare stories.

So much for accentuating the positive. Barely a week into 2013 and we’re knee deep in scare stories already. Though it has to be said that this year some are scarier than others. Last week’s shock horror report from the Treasury claiming that Scots would lose £1 a year if they voted to leave the … Continue reading

Pandagate. Those independence scare stories in full.

But they will never take…our pandas! I don’t know where the Mirror got the story that, because they were gifts to the UK not Scotland, we would lose Sunshine and Sweetie if Scotland voted for independence. The paper cited government sources.   But apart from being straight wrong – the pandas were lent to Edinburgh Zoo, … Continue reading

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