“DISUNITED KINGDOM: how Westminster won a referendum but lost Scotland”


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An involving and thoughtful survey of a late spring in Scotland’s political and cultural life” — Stephen Daisley, STV

Cerebral and thought-provoking… Iain Macwhirter makes his argument powerfully” — Andrew Sparrow, The Guardian

His writing and broadcasting on politics in Scotland have been the benchmark by which many of us judge our own, more modest, contributions.” — Kevin McKenna, Observer

An authoritative and peerless sequel to Road to Referendum” — The List

Whenever the next referendum arrives people will look to Disunited Kingdom for a succinct and eloquent analysis of what happened the first time.” — Scottish Review of Books

Might just be the definitive account of the #indyref experience. Ace.” — Alan Bissett, Author & Playwright

A corker… excellent first draft of history.” — David Greig, Playwright


Cargo Press 2014

“A truly important book, particularly at this moment. It offers a huge sweep of history and deals with recent Scottish politics in formidable, but never tedious detail”. –Andrew Marr

road to referedum

In 2014, Scotland will decide. This is the story of the road to referendum and the journey beyond. In this groundbreaking book to accompany the major new three-part television series by STV, The Herald’s Iain Macwhirter tells the story of how Scots have reached the crossroads of independence, taking us back through Scottish history to explain how this unique event came about.

Charting the rise of nationalism and the changes in the UK, Road to Referendum takes us behind the scenes of the political world and reveals what the movers and shakers of this extraordinary political scene really think. Accessible and perfect for experts and those unfamiliar with Scottish history alike, this landmark book from one of the UK’s most insightful political writers is essential reading for anyone who cares about where the UK may go next. Published by Cargo Press.


‘A terrific book. Macwhirter covers much more than he does in his TV documentary, and the book combines a broad history of Scotland’s relationship with England from the time of Robert the Bruce onwards with a detailed analysis of the rise of the SNP, the creation of the Scottish parliament and the run-up to the referendum. It’s a heavyweight, serious book, but it’s a pleasure to read and it’s full of shrewd insights. I’d recommend it highly.’ Andrew Sparrow, The Guardian.

Iain Macwhirter is shrewd, insightful and with few rivals in the business of understanding – and explaining – the changing politics of Scotland. –Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Iain Macwhirter offers a highly readable and personal account of Scottish history drawing on wide reading and a career during which he has followed these debates more closely and consistently than any other journalist. He enlivens old stories with new perspectives, challenges established wisdom and raises awkward questions for protagonists and antagonists in equal measure on either side of today’s debate. –-Professor James Mitchell, University of Edinburgh

Iain Macwhirter’s Road to Referendum is easily the most accessible piece of writing concerned with the independence debate. Not only one of the shrewdest commentaries on Scottish politics, it is also an important tribute to the country’s history. Karyn Dougan. The List

A truly important book, particularly at this moment. It offers a huge sweep of history and deals with recent Scottish politics in formidable, but never tedious detail. –Andrew Marr ,BBC

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“DEMOCRACY IN THE DARK: the decline of the Scottish press and how to keep the lights on”

Saltire 2014

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Iain Macwhirter has written the latest Saltire Series Pamphlet Democracy in the Dark: The Decline of the Scottish Press and How to Keep the Lights on. In this 2 part pamphlet Iain MacWhirter discusses the theme of the Scottish print press and its viability in the digital age as well as giving his own views of the print media and how the referendum has been covered.
Iain Macwhirter
Iain Macwhirter is the political commentator for the Herald and the Sunday Herald, an author and documentary film and radio presenter and former Rector of Edinburgh University. He has worked at both the UK Parliament and Scottish Parliament, presenting the BBC2programmes “Westminster Live”, “Scrutiny”, and from 1999 the BBC TV “Holyrood Live” programme from the Scottish Parliament. In 2013 he published Road to Referendum which accompanied a major new three-part television series – Road to Referendum – on STV and ITV.

Pamphlets can be purchased at the Saltire Society HQ

£5 members, £7 non-members

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