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Devolution of broadcasting doesn’t mean putting politicians in charge of the BBC.

It seems like ancient history, but it’s less than a year since the independence referendum. A lot has happened in the meantime, not least the SNP’s General Election success under Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership. But some things never change, and one of them is the beef between the BBC and Alex Salmond over its coverage of … Continue reading

Alex Salmond. Like Charles Stewart Parnell except for the nationalism .

ALEX Salmond has lately taken to comparing himself with Charles Parnell, the Irish Home Rule leader, which has caused much irritation and some ridicule in Westminster. The House of Commons has a long memory and Parnell, who led the Irish MPs in Westminster in the late 19th century, was a key figure in the succession … Continue reading

Salmond’s heading for Westminster. But will he recognise the place

Alex Salmond is ready to rumble Westminster, he says. Alex Salmond is ready to rumble Westminster, he says. But will he recognise the place? The Palace of Westminster is not what it was. Back in Salmond’s glory days, under Margaret Thatcher and then Tony Blair, the House of Commons really was the cockpit of the … Continue reading

Independence referendum. The morning after the night before.

The Dynamic Earth evolution exhibition opposite the Scottish parliament was not a very happy place to be a 6.00am on the morning of Friday 19th.. The venue of Yes Scotland’s “victory” party had presumably been chosen to suggest that a dynamic new independent Scotland was going to evolve to the next level. Instead Scotland decided … Continue reading

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