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To Scots, Brexit debate seems like two bald Tories arguing over a comb.

WHEN Boris Johnson announced on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday that the EU referendum is about “project hope versus project fear” I just about choked on my porridge. I have remarked before on the similarities between the Europe referendum campaign and the Scottish independence campaign. But the Brexit show is beginning to sound like … Continue reading

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the world economy…

JUST when you thought it was safe to go back into the world economy, it’s suddenly gone all headless chickens again. The gyrations of stock markets in the past few weeks, as China stumbled and oil slipped, has spread a new wave of insecurity across a capitalist system only recently emerged from the Great Recession. … Continue reading

Rip-off Britain and the scandal of pension fund charges

At last – a reason to praise the Coalition. The UK Government has finally moved to curb the worst mis-selling scandal in the history of British finance, greater than endowment mortgages, PPI, energy profiteering or even sub-prime mortgages. I refer to the legalised theft of billions of pounds from citizens’ pension funds through excessive charges, … Continue reading

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