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Botched Labour rebels shoot themselves in their collective foot as Corbyn clings on.

In the name of God, go. David Cameron tried to play Oliver Cromwell last week in the Labour civil war. It was an extraordinary moment: a prime minister who has already been forced out telling the leader of the opposition to join him. This was a political suicide pact that would leave the UK without … Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn describes the European Union as he would like it to be, not as it is.

IT’S hardly surprising that 50% of Labour voters, according to one survey, don’t know the Labour Party’s position on the EU referendum. Most of the Labour leadership are at best reluctant Europeans. Jeremy Corbyn is a left winger who was vehemently anti-European in the past on the grounds that the EU is a capitalist club. He … Continue reading

Corbyn’s permashuffle was really all about Trident. And leadership.

“HE has all the candlepower of a glow-worm. He might once have fitted the role of a deputy manager of a northern friendly society, but is intellectually unsuited to be a minister of any kind.” This was the verdict of 87-year-old Joe Haines, Harold Wilson’s press spokesman back in the day, describing the Labour leader, … Continue reading

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