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Twitter: use responsibly or not at all.

One New Year resolution I wish politicians would make is to cut down on their Twitter use in 2016. Use responsibly or not at all. Just say no. Maybe even take a month off. Above all, avoid the temptation to become Twitter martyrs, like the Labour MP Mike Gapes, wearing your abuse as a badge … Continue reading

Cybernats are playing into Jim Murphy’s hands.

During the referendum campaign, Better Together was adept at exploiting the intemperate language used by some supporters of independence on the internet. The outpourings of the so called “cybernats” against JK Rowling, Jim Murphy and the Queen were handed to a willing press who hung them around the neck of the Yes campaign. This was … Continue reading

Cybernats and Unitrolls

FROM SUNDAY HERALD 30/6/14 One of the most depressing episodes in the entire referendum campaign was June’s cybernat scare. Normally sensible people took to trawling the sewers of the internet for vile abuse, reposting it and then claiming it was an “SNP-co-ordinated cybernat” attack on women in public life, including JK Rowling. One of the … Continue reading

Twitter Updates

  • RT @TitaniaMcGrath: Your daily reminder that heteronormativity is the hegemonic cultural mechanism by which oppressive discourses of phallo… 18 hours ago

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