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What the last referendum on Europe tells us? This one is much nastier, for a start.

Four decades ago, Britain went to the polls in the referendum to decide whether or not to remain in the European Economic Community (EC). I can’t remember being very interested by the result, even though I was at university allegedly studying politics. Europe seemed like a narrow debate within the British ruling class with little … Continue reading

Brexiteers revealing their true colours and it isn’t pretty.

PRESIDENT Obama’s intervention in the UK referendum in favour of Remain was audacious and controversial, just like his, admittedly more oblique, intervention in the Scottish independence referendum two years ago. The reaction of Dominic Raab MP was revealing about the Brexit campaign’s preoccupations. He said that President Obama wouldn’t dream of opening the US border … Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn describes the European Union as he would like it to be, not as it is.

IT’S hardly surprising that 50% of Labour voters, according to one survey, don’t know the Labour Party’s position on the EU referendum. Most of the Labour leadership are at best reluctant Europeans. Jeremy Corbyn is a left winger who was vehemently anti-European in the past on the grounds that the EU is a capitalist club. He … Continue reading

Iain Duncan Smith shafts Osborne, plunges Tory cabinet into chaos on eve of EU referendum.

So we aren’t all in this together after all. That mantra, used by the Chancellor George Osborne, and the Prime Minister David Cameron to justify the attack on the incomes of the working poor, now sounds pretty sick following the resignation of the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith. When even the politician responsible … Continue reading

To Scots, Brexit debate seems like two bald Tories arguing over a comb.

WHEN Boris Johnson announced on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday that the EU referendum is about “project hope versus project fear” I just about choked on my porridge. I have remarked before on the similarities between the Europe referendum campaign and the Scottish independence campaign. But the Brexit show is beginning to sound like … Continue reading

Brexit vote is there for the taking, but the shambolic Leave campaign can’t stop people leaving.

“WHO will speak for England?” asked the Daily Mail in a front page editorial last week. Well, so far only a politician who complains about foreigners with HIV coming to Britain, and an 83-year-old, climate change sceptic who lives in France. That would be the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, and the former Tory chancellor, Nigel … Continue reading

Do we seriously believe that Britain would be too poor, too wee and too stupid to survive on its own outside the EU?

“Brexit could plunge Britain back into recession”, according to Morgan Stanley. “Vote to Leave could trigger economic and financial shock” says Credit Suisse. “EU exit could cost £55 billion a year” says think tank. The EU referendum debate has become a kind of bizarro version of the Scottish independence referendum, with banks, newspapers and think … Continue reading

Imagine if the Scottish independence referendum had happened with some SNP ministers arguing No?

Imagine if the Scottish independence referendum campaign in 2014 had been conducted without collective cabinet responsibility? If figures like John Swinney or Alex Neil (say) had been allowed to campaign for Scotland to remain in the UK while Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon argued to leave? It would never have happened of course because all … Continue reading

Cameron doesn’t really want to reform the EU – he just wants to keep foreigners out.

“The battle for Helm’s Deep is over, the battle for Middle Earth is about to begin.” So tweeted the anti-European MEP Daniel Hannam celebrating David Cameron’s assault this week on the European Union, or Mordor as he would presumably call it. Well, in his dreams. In fact, Cameron is not taking on the might of … Continue reading

Cameron isn’t really interested in reform of the EU – just keeping foreigners out.

Europe’s problem is this: what does David Cameron actually want? He has been infuriatingly vague. He has spoken of ending the principle of “ever closer union” enshrined in countless EU treaties, but that’s not going to happen. Or if it is, Britain will be left in a kind of outsider status in Europe, paying contributions … Continue reading

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