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Viva Wallonia . There are lots of special “substate” arrangements in the EU and Sturgeon has every right to demand one for Scotland

THE first time Nicola Sturgeon met Theresa May was in June, shortly after she had become Prime Minister. They got on well, we were told. As women at the summit of politics, they have a lot in common, and May was trying to present herself as a more down-to-earth leader than the Eton elitists she … Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn describes the European Union as he would like it to be, not as it is.

IT’S hardly surprising that 50% of Labour voters, according to one survey, don’t know the Labour Party’s position on the EU referendum. Most of the Labour leadership are at best reluctant Europeans. Jeremy Corbyn is a left winger who was vehemently anti-European in the past on the grounds that the EU is a capitalist club. He … Continue reading

Greece: the end of the European ideal?

The Greek tragedy has become a European one, with disturbing lessons for small countries everywhere. But it is first of all a crisis of the European ideal itself. Those of us who believed that the EU was a great achievement of enlightened internationalism – breaking down national barriers, removing borders, increasing trade and communication – … Continue reading

Cameron isn’t really interested in reform of the EU – just keeping foreigners out.

Europe’s problem is this: what does David Cameron actually want? He has been infuriatingly vague. He has spoken of ending the principle of “ever closer union” enshrined in countless EU treaties, but that’s not going to happen. Or if it is, Britain will be left in a kind of outsider status in Europe, paying contributions … Continue reading

Farage factor will shape indy debate

THE European elections are usually marked by public apathy and low turnout. Not this time. The Scottish Government is looking to Europe to change the fortunes of the independence campaign in 2014. After a year in which the Yes campaign made little progress, despite the launch of the SNP’s “all-questions-answered” White Paper on independence, they certainly … Continue reading

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