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The SNP is now so confident of its political hegemony that it can park its conscience.

IT’S the oldest tale in politics. A radical party wins power on the strength of a widespread popular movement. Then it becomes the target of powerful private lobby groups and gradually its radicalism is jettisoned for economic “realism” – which invariably seems to be the realism of the rich and powerful. It happened to Labour … Continue reading

Tax credit cuts have only been postponed – all the more reason to oppose them.

U-TURN if you want to, the Chancellor is for turning. There are many lessons from last week’s epic policy reversal by George Osborne on tax credits, but the most important is that civic action and intelligent opposition can force important concessions, even from this most right-wing of Conservative governments. If the arguments are right, ministers … Continue reading

Osborne is guilty of creative accounting on an epic scale. But at least those tax credit cuts are stopped

Budgets that look good on the day generally come apart by the weekend. Yesterday’s speech from the Chancellor was technically a spending statement but the same rule applies. However, the positive impact of George Osborne’s biggest ever U-turn may last a little longer. The tax credit reductions that could have left the poorest families in … Continue reading

The cosy cliches of austerity economic.

READ IAIN ON TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS AND SUNDAYS IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD Live within your means. Balance the books. Fix the roof while the sun is shining. If these cosy household financial cliches have an antiquated ring to them that’s because they refer to an essentially Victorian approach to personal and public finance. We … Continue reading

Road to Referendum – Poundland. Extract from new edition.

READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD.   On February 13, 2014, many Scots were wondering whether they could be bothered buying Valentine cards again this year, when news broke that Chancellor George Osborne had arrived in Edinburgh on a flying visit.What he said had a profound and enduring impact on the complex relationship … Continue reading

Who’s Afraid of Plan B?

Sunday Herald It was the defining moment in referendum campaign; an event that will resonate through history; a milestone in Scotland’s relations with the rest of the UK. A Tory chancellor, George Osborne, riding into town, laying down the law, and then riding out again without even giving any TV interviews made even many unionists … Continue reading

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