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The people have spoken – the bastards. Voters upset various applecarts in Holyrood 2016

IT didn’t take long for Labour to lose its cool on Friday morning. As the results started to trickle in at 12.30 am, the former MP and Holyrood candidate Thomas Docherty announced that the party had committed electoral suicide. “Our tax and Trident manifesto,” he declared, “was self-immolation for dummies.” He was denounced as a … Continue reading

Labour would be mad to dump Kezia Dugdale. But accidents can happen…

It is not unknown for leadership speculation to break out during an election campaign that is going badly, but it’s pretty unusual for it to start before the manifesto is launched. Even Michael Foot was allowed to get his “longest suicide note in history” out before the knives went flying. The Scottish Labour Party’s Holyrood … Continue reading

Tactical voting on the list. It’s not just about the SNP.

The mild-mannered Professor James Curtice has thrown a psephological hand-grenade into a debate that has been raging in the independence movement since the general election over what insiders call “tactical voting on the list”. As we report today, his analysis of the opinion polls since the election confirms that – crudely speaking – a second … Continue reading

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