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Hello? It’s your line to David Davis.

RING Ring. Hello, it’s your line to David Davis. I’m afraid all of our Brexit ministers are exceptionally busy right now, but your call is very important to us so please listen carefully to the following message: “Brexit means Brexit means Brexit … ” The idea of the Scottish Government having a “direct line” to … Continue reading

Viva Wallonia . There are lots of special “substate” arrangements in the EU and Sturgeon has every right to demand one for Scotland

THE first time Nicola Sturgeon met Theresa May was in June, shortly after she had become Prime Minister. They got on well, we were told. As women at the summit of politics, they have a lot in common, and May was trying to present herself as a more down-to-earth leader than the Eton elitists she … Continue reading

She may not be a fascist, but Theresa May is a Maidenhead Marine Le Pen, a very English Trump.

AS the Prime Minister, Theresa May, delivered her speech about the state’s responsibility to crack down on tax dodgers and profiteering energy companies, the former Labour leader Ed Miliband tweeted: “Marxist anti-business interventionism imho [in my humble opinion]”. He was being ironic, pointing up how his speech three years ago was attacked by the Tories … Continue reading

Trump and IS – made for each other. My column on Orlando and the Presidential race.

BARACK Obama seems to age visibly after every mass shooting. He has had to deal with 18 of them. Eighteen attempts to find a new way of drafting the platitudes of condolence to the bereaved. Eighteen promises that the perpetrators will be punished (if they are still alive). Eighteen appeals to Americans to set aside … Continue reading

Brexiteers revealing their true colours and it isn’t pretty.

PRESIDENT Obama’s intervention in the UK referendum in favour of Remain was audacious and controversial, just like his, admittedly more oblique, intervention in the Scottish independence referendum two years ago. The reaction of Dominic Raab MP was revealing about the Brexit campaign’s preoccupations. He said that President Obama wouldn’t dream of opening the US border … Continue reading

Rise of the nationalist far right in Europe and the lessons for Scotland

It was the best of nationalism; it was the worst of nationalism. Nicola Sturgeon, in Paris yesterday for climate change talks, offered no congratulations to the leader of the French nationalist Front Nationale (FN), Marine le Pen. The FN won a sensational victory in the regional elections and Ms le Pen is now a serious … Continue reading

Why the Right is on the march in Nordic countries, and why it isn’t in Scotland.

“If you come to Denmark, you have to work,” says the election poster in Copenhagen, Borgen country, which went to the polls last week. And that is from the centre left Social Democrat party. The Danish Liberals are calling for an “immediate halt” to asylum seekers. It’s not the kind of sentiment you expect from … Continue reading

Cameron isn’t really interested in reform of the EU – just keeping foreigners out.

Europe’s problem is this: what does David Cameron actually want? He has been infuriatingly vague. He has spoken of ending the principle of “ever closer union” enshrined in countless EU treaties, but that’s not going to happen. Or if it is, Britain will be left in a kind of outsider status in Europe, paying contributions … Continue reading

Scots aren’t better than the English … or worse. We’re the same … but our political cultures are worlds apart

THERE was a sting in the tail of the Cowdenbeath by-election. It came as little surprise that Labour won with an increased majority but when we learned the LibDems had come fifth behind Ukip, the twittersphere ignited. Was this confirmation that the Scots aren’t so different after all? Is the myth of communitarian Scotland just … Continue reading

Where stands Scotland as politics of race rises in UK?

I was driving back to Scotland up the M1 when I heard the traffic reports of chaos ahead. No point sitting in a jam for hours, so I pulled off the motorway and headed for Coventry. Might as well take a look at the cathedral and have something to eat. Walking around the city centre … Continue reading

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