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Is there a unionist alternative to independence?

READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD. 30/6/14 On February 16th 2012 David Cameron effectively launched the longest campaign in Scottish electoral history with the promise that Scots could look forward to “new powers” for the Scottish Parliament, provided that they rejected independence in the September 2014 referendum. For the next 18 months, the … Continue reading

Cybernats and Unitrolls

FROM SUNDAY HERALD 30/6/14 One of the most depressing episodes in the entire referendum campaign was June’s cybernat scare. Normally sensible people took to trawling the sewers of the internet for vile abuse, reposting it and then claiming it was an “SNP-co-ordinated cybernat” attack on women in public life, including JK Rowling. One of the … Continue reading

Why Salmond is right to be worried about Ukip

  There has been a deal of unwarranted complacency among the Scottish chattering classes  about the threat posed by Nigel Farage, who received a predictably hostile welcome from radical independence demonstrators in Edinburgh recently. There is a comforting delusion that Ukip is a uniquely English political phenomenon. We don’t hate immigrants up here and we … Continue reading

Salmond on a hiding to nothing.

It’s what we in the business call a hiding to nothing. Having been kicked in the currencies by George Osborne last week; and beaten around the head by Jose Manuel Barroso, who said at the weekend that it is “almost impossible” for Scotland to join the European Union, the First Minister Alex Salmond was left … Continue reading

Who’s Afraid of Plan B?

Sunday Herald It was the defining moment in referendum campaign; an event that will resonate through history; a milestone in Scotland’s relations with the rest of the UK. A Tory chancellor, George Osborne, riding into town, laying down the law, and then riding out again without even giving any TV interviews made even many unionists … Continue reading

No Way Jose. Scotland is not Kosovo.

Rarely have I found myself left speechless by the comment of a politician, but the Jose Manuel Barroso’s attempt to compare Scotland with Kosovo left me in a state of spluttering incoherence. I have nothing against the people of Kosovo – indeed, I supported military intervention to stop genocide there in 1999. But Kosovo is … Continue reading

Yes or No: disenchantment is the issue for both camps

That £500 question just won’t go away. It’s in danger of defining the referendum campaign. The latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey confirms that a majority of Scots would vote Yes if they were guaranteed to be £500 better off, while only 15% would support independence if they were £500 worse off. The survey of 1500 … Continue reading

Independence – just don’t go there!

One paper it was a dismal week for the Yes Campaign. The respected Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) produced a report saying that, even with North Sea oil revenues, there would be a £2 billion shortfall in public spending if the Barnett Formula were scrapped and taxes might have to rise by 14%. The Centre … Continue reading

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