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Federalism has gone the way of the CD and VHS.

NICOLA Sturgeon has yet to make an announcement about the next independence, and says she doesn’t even want people to call it “indyref2”.  But the opposition parties are already fighting it.   In London last week, both Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale launched their first forays against the Nationalists, though there was no hint that … Continue reading

Now MPs are getting their act together on Brexit, time for Holyrood’s parties to follow.

BETTER late than never, MPs in Westminster have started to get their act together over Brexit. It’s a month since Theresa May made clear she intended to push Article 50 through under pre-democratic powers of Royal Prerogative. It seemed obvious that by-passing Parliament raised questions about executive power and parliamentary sovereignty. But a lack of … Continue reading

To Scots, Brexit debate seems like two bald Tories arguing over a comb.

WHEN Boris Johnson announced on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday that the EU referendum is about “project hope versus project fear” I just about choked on my porridge. I have remarked before on the similarities between the Europe referendum campaign and the Scottish independence campaign. But the Brexit show is beginning to sound like … Continue reading

The Union finally lost it last week. I’m voting yes.

Scotland stands on the edge of history. 4.2 million of us, the largest registered electorate in Scottish history, are weighing up the arguments, considering the implications, calibrating the risks. There has never been a political debate like this in my lifetime and I’ve been covering politics in Westminster and Scotland professionally since 1979. The UK … Continue reading

“Nobama”, fish suppers and the Tories discover fiscal autonomy.

  Suddenly, everyone seems to be talking about politics – in a way I can’t recall happening in a very long time. Certainly, the 1997 referendum campaign was nothing like this. Yes Scotland has been successful in generating real engagement, especially among young people, and there has been a revival in that lost political art: … Continue reading

After the love, the rough wooing.

After the love, the rough wooing. Into Yes Scotland’s letter box drops a Valentine nasty from George Osborne, who will today rule out any currency zone after independence, according to the BBC. The other UK parties will endorse this lock out, according to the same source. If so, it would be a dramatic escalation of … Continue reading

The scare stories are bogus…but should have been challenged

WHO could have predicted that it would be left to the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, to ride to the rescue of the Scottish Government last week over the Independence White Paper, after its lambasting from the Scottish and UK press? The governor calmly said he would welcome discussions about Scotland remaining … Continue reading

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