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It’s been a boring election, but in a rather interesting way.

There is an election going on, apparently. You may have missed it, most of us seem to have. But you will be invited to a polling booth next week to cast you vote in the least exciting election in years. Indeed, Holyrood 2016 may turn out to be the election no one noticed, such is … Continue reading

Labour would be mad to dump Kezia Dugdale. But accidents can happen…

It is not unknown for leadership speculation to break out during an election campaign that is going badly, but it’s pretty unusual for it to start before the manifesto is launched. Even Michael Foot was allowed to get his “longest suicide note in history” out before the knives went flying. The Scottish Labour Party’s Holyrood … Continue reading

Only a tea party with Trump could stop Nicola Sturgeon’s landslide in May

WE are about to enter the first Holyrood election in nearly a decade that will not be fought over independence or the early prospect of it. Nicola Sturgeon seems in no hurry to call that second referendum, even though the forthcoming Europe referendum could pull Scotland out of the EU. And the opposition parties in … Continue reading

Kezia’s Penny for Scotland is too contrived; but she’s right to start the debate.

The Scottish Labour leader, Kezia Dugdale, is to be congratulated for putting her money where her mouth is and calling for an increase in taxation in Scotland to raise half a billion pounds for public services. This is heroic stuff. It is a long time since Labour has gone into an election campaign promising to … Continue reading

Osborne is guilty of creative accounting on an epic scale. But at least those tax credit cuts are stopped

Budgets that look good on the day generally come apart by the weekend. Yesterday’s speech from the Chancellor was technically a spending statement but the same rule applies. However, the positive impact of George Osborne’s biggest ever U-turn may last a little longer. The tax credit reductions that could have left the poorest families in … Continue reading

Kezia Dugdale: pledges to compensate for tax credit cuts. Will the Scottish Government?

As I was perambulating around the rather sparse Scottish Labour conference in the Perth I bumped into the former Scottish (and UK) Labour minister, Malcolm Chisholm. He reminded me that, in 2006, he’d been sacked by the Labour leader, Jack McConnell, for voting against Trident in Holyrood. Changed days. Opposition to the renewal of Trident … Continue reading

The Scottish Labour Party is looking in rather better shape than the London branch.

Can it really be only a year since Johann Lamont resigned as Labour’s Scottish leader, describing the party as “branch office” and some Labour MPs as “dinosaurs”? So much seems to have happened since then. There’s Jim Murphy for a start – who was heralded as the saviour of Scottish Labour. Where is he now? … Continue reading

Kezia Dugdale has an opportunity here to change Labour’s fortunes in Scotland by launching debate on Trident and independence. Can she take it?

“Labour’s coming home”, said one of the enthusiastic Corbyn supporters at the Edinburgh Conference Centre last week. “I’ve been disenfranchised since 2001, but finally this is a Labour Party I feel I can vote for again” Corbynmania hit Scotland last week, upstaging the coronation of Kezia Dugdale, the new Scottish leader. At Corbyn’s Edinburgh gig, … Continue reading

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