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Review: Labour veteran, Tom Harris, and Cobynite, Liam Young, may loathe each other – but they’re not nearly as far apart as they think they are.

Ten Years in the Death of the Labour Party by Tom Harris. Biteback, £12.99 Rise – How Jeremy Corbyn Inspired the Young to Create a New Socialism by Liam Young, Simon and Schuster, £12.99 If you want to  to understand the turmoil in the British Labour Party, and why it matters for the future of … Continue reading

“Grandpa” Corbyn and the anti-personality cult that makes him politician of the year.

The cult of Corbyn has now reached the glossy heights of GQ – the men’s magazine formerly known as Gentleman’s Quarterly.   The editor, Dylan Jones, expressed frustration at Corbyn’s inept performance at the photoshoot for the Christmas edition.  The Labour leader had to be “pushed around like a grandpa at a Christmas family photo”, … Continue reading

Whatever happened to Jeremy Corbyn? Rudderless Labour is letting Tories get away with Brexit

READ IAIN EVERY WEEK IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD. Whatever happened to Jeremy Corbyn?  You know the controversial leader of the UK Labour Party who led the people’s revolt against Blairism and turned Labour into the largest mass membership party in western Europe.   Has he been accidentally buried in his allotment?  Is this … Continue reading

Anti-semitism. How Corbyn was stitched up like a kipper.

HOWcould a life-long opponent of anti-semitism like Jeremy Corbyn end up being accused of condoning anti-semitism in the Labour Party? Well, the Commons Home Affairs committee doesn’t actually accuse him of that, but of failing to provide “adequate leadership” and creating a “safe space” for anti-semites,whatever that means. The home affairs committee says that the … Continue reading

21st Century Socialism is more Harold Wilson than Leon Trotsky.

T’S a new dawn of socialism, says Jeremy Corbyn. The S-word no longer needs to be whispered, according to the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. Indeed, it’s now being shouted from the rooftops, mostly by his enemies. The Daily Telegraph described Corbyn’s socialism as “a poisonous doctrine that has killed millions of innocents”. Seeing Jeremy Corbyn … Continue reading

The “f***ing useless coup”. Labour must find a third way between Corbyn and PLP.

“AS plotters, they were f****** useless”, was shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s verdict on the conduct of the “moderate” Labour MPs who tried to organise what is now widely referred to as the #chickencoup against their leader Jeremy Corbyn. Such is the parliamentary language we are becoming used to in the social media age, but it’s … Continue reading

Botched Labour rebels shoot themselves in their collective foot as Corbyn clings on.

In the name of God, go. David Cameron tried to play Oliver Cromwell last week in the Labour civil war. It was an extraordinary moment: a prime minister who has already been forced out telling the leader of the opposition to join him. This was a political suicide pact that would leave the UK without … Continue reading

Labour’s anti-Semitism row is more about toxic factionalism than hatred of jews.

LABOUR’S anti-Semitism row is like something out of the satirical BBC comedy, The Thick Of It. Only the scriptwriters who dreamed up the Labour spin doctor, Malcolm Tucker, would have thought it too far-fetched. The former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, was filmed last week seeking refuge from the press in a disabled toilet in the … Continue reading

The war no one quite knew how to stop.

The consensus yesterday during the Syria debate was that Parliament failed to live up to the occasion. This was probably because the outcome was a foregone conclusion. Jeremy Corbyn’s free vote of Labour MPs ensured that David Cameron would have a majority at the end of the day. Britain was almost certainly going to war, … Continue reading

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