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Are SNP MPs really going to save Theresa May from defeat over Heathrow?

IT is a sad day when Zac Goldsmith occupies the moral high ground over the Scottish Government. The Tory MP’s decision to force a by-election rather than accept the UK Government’s imposition of a third runway at congested Heathrow is being dismissed as a political stunt. But at least he honoured a promise to resign. That … Continue reading

The biggest political decision Nicola Sturgeon will ever make. Long read on options for indyref2

IT could be the best of times, or it could be the worst of times. In the next few months, Nicola Sturgeon must make the most difficult decision she will probably ever face in her political career: deciding when to hold the next independence referendum. If she gets it wrong, the cause could be set … Continue reading

Forget the referendum. SNP is really about independence by stealth

THESE are strange days. This lacklustre Holyrood election campaign has come alive in the last week over something that almost certainly isn’t going to happen: a repeat referendum on Scottish independence. It dominated the BBC leaders’ debate on Sunday; it’s all over the front pages; and John Humphrys on the Today programme yesterday spent a … Continue reading

Trouble with landslides is you can be buried by them. #BothVotesWhatever

I’m sure it is just my macabre sense of humour, but I couldn’t help finding the headline policy in the SNP manifesto about a baby box for every child slightly disturbing. The newspaper images of babies lying in the SNP ‘s box didn’t help. We’ve heard of cradle to grave, but this was carrying social … Continue reading

The SNP is now so confident of its political hegemony that it can park its conscience.

IT’S the oldest tale in politics. A radical party wins power on the strength of a widespread popular movement. Then it becomes the target of powerful private lobby groups and gradually its radicalism is jettisoned for economic “realism” – which invariably seems to be the realism of the rich and powerful. It happened to Labour … Continue reading

Only a tea party with Trump could stop Nicola Sturgeon’s landslide in May

WE are about to enter the first Holyrood election in nearly a decade that will not be fought over independence or the early prospect of it. Nicola Sturgeon seems in no hurry to call that second referendum, even though the forthcoming Europe referendum could pull Scotland out of the EU. And the opposition parties in … Continue reading

2015: the year Scotland turned SNP yellow while England remained Tory blue.

N the early hours of May 8, 2015, a 20-year-old politics student, Mhairi Black, defeated the Labour campaign chief, Douglas Alexander MP, one of the most experienced and highly regarded figures in the UK Labour Party. It was the most dramatic and poignant moment in the most extraordinary general election in Scottish history, which drew … Continue reading

Sturgeon: “Trust me, I’m a social democrat not a flags and anthems nationalist”

Trust. It’s a perishable commodity in politics. In fact, it’s hard to think of another politician in Britain right now who could get away with asking for it – other than the SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon Most politicians today are regarded as corrupt until proven otherwise. But why did the SNP leader need to appeal … Continue reading

List wars. The SNP has a new challenge on the left from RISE.

The emergence of a new party of the radical left in Scotland, Rise (Respect, Independence, Socialism, Environmentalism), launched this weekend, has aroused much derision and allusions to Monty Python’s People’s Front of Judea sketch. “How long before Rise sinks?” Ho, ho. But it’s surely a tribute to Holyrood’s proportional electoral system that new political formations … Continue reading

Has Nicola Sturgeon launched a new Highland land war?

READ IAIN ON TUESDAYS THURSDAYS AND SUNDAYS ONLY IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD.  Has Nicola Sturgeon launched a new Highland Land War with her abolition of rates exemptions for sporting estates? 30/11/14 If so, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of good old-fashioned class politics to spice up her first Programme for Government, which … Continue reading

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