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Forget pensions – the way things are going you might not live to collect.

PENSIONS? Just don’t go there. If you want to buy a pension delivering a modest £20,000 a year, index-linked, you would need to save well over £600,000 at present annuity rates. That’s more than someone on average earnings of £26,000 earns in 20 years – all of it. No-one tells the truth about personal pensions … Continue reading

Blaming older people for ills of the young is the socialism of fools.

Pensioners – pah! They just don’t know when they’re well off, mate. Back in my day, old people were seen and not heard. Now they all float away on their final-salary cruises, their free bus passes, living it up on their gold-plated pensions. And they had the nerve to vote us out of Europe. It’s … Continue reading

Osborne’s Budget: unthinkable in Scotland

READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD     THERE could be no clearer illustration of the gulf in political culture between Westminster and Scotland right now than last week’s Budget. Neither of Scotland’s two big parties, SNP or Scottish Labour, would have dreamed of putting George Osborne’s package of class-based measures through Holyrood. … Continue reading

Rip-off Britain and the scandal of pension fund charges

At last – a reason to praise the Coalition. The UK Government has finally moved to curb the worst mis-selling scandal in the history of British finance, greater than endowment mortgages, PPI, energy profiteering or even sub-prime mortgages. I refer to the legalised theft of billions of pounds from citizens’ pension funds through excessive charges, … Continue reading

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