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Brexit, Project Fear and why another Scottish independence referendum could be a long way off.

The latest report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, forecasting years of additional austerity if Britain votes to leave the European Union, has uncannily similarities with the one it published during the Scottish independence referendum – right down to the former Labour chancellor Alistair Darling saying it makes the case for remaining in the union … Continue reading

The biggest party in Westminster doesn’t get to form the next government. (Herald 8/2/15)

LABOUR’S reaction to last week’s devastating Ashcroft constituency polls suggesting that they would retain only one seat in Glasgow at the General Election was dispiriting to say the least. The party issued an election video quoting the party’s Scottish deputy leader, Kezia Dugdale, saying: “Fact: the biggest party gets to form the next government #VoteSNPgetTories.” … Continue reading

Fight for Clyde yards showed how we really are in it together

We’re not gonners”, cried the Govan union convenor, Jamie Webster, yesterday, relieved that “only” 800 shipyard jobs are to go in Scotland. The unions have shown a defiant realism in the face of adversity thathas not always been evident in Scottish industry recently. The Clyde has been written off so often that you forget it … Continue reading

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