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Forget the oil, it’s Scotland’s pound.

THE really objectionable thing about the argument over Scotland’s currency is the scolding, high-handed manner in which it is conducted. There is a serious debate to be had about what currency Scotland should use if it becomes independent. There are arguments on both sides. But the way Unionists such as George Osborne and Ed Balls … Continue reading

Osborne to kill Scottish bank notes. Shock.

READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD.   t was back to the good cop/bad cop routine last week in the referendum campaign First, Chancellor George Osborne put the boot in, saying he’d starve an independent Scotland of currency by making any Scottish pound illegal tender in England. Then smiling David Cameron arrived in … Continue reading

Road to Referendum – Poundland. Extract from new edition.

READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD.   On February 13, 2014, many Scots were wondering whether they could be bothered buying Valentine cards again this year, when news broke that Chancellor George Osborne had arrived in Edinburgh on a flying visit.What he said had a profound and enduring impact on the complex relationship … Continue reading

Why is Yes campaign so confident?

READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD         Iain Macwhirter Columnist Sunday 30 March 2014     People often ask me: why do the Yes Campaign appear so confident when they are miles behind in the opinion polls? Don’t they know they’re going to lose? It is a remarkable phenomenon in … Continue reading

Memo to Danny Alexander: It’s not final.

Read Iain in Sunday Herald and Herald Iain Macwhirter Columnist Sunday 9 March 2014 SCOTTISH independence. Aggreko warns of risks.” The Scottish front pages have been reduced to a proforma. They just fill in the dots. Alliance warns of risks, Standard Life warns of risks, RBS warns of risks … Lloyds … BP … Shell … Continue reading

Who’s Afraid of Plan B?

Sunday Herald It was the defining moment in referendum campaign; an event that will resonate through history; a milestone in Scotland’s relations with the rest of the UK. A Tory chancellor, George Osborne, riding into town, laying down the law, and then riding out again without even giving any TV interviews made even many unionists … Continue reading

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