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Brexit Britain and Donald Trump: a coalition of the ignorant, repeating the mistakes of the past.

    It’s often said that we live in a world of “rules-based” international relations. We no longer have kings and imperial states laying down the law, forcing people to obey. We don’t settle international disputes by war, as countries did almost routinely in the 19th century. We have laws, conventions and treaties to govern … Continue reading

After MOAB, we are only a tweet away from Armageddon.

Did some misguided souls seriously believe that Donald Trump would be a less warlike President than Hillary Clinton?  Well now we know.  This intellectually-challenged POTUS, whose grasp of policy is so feeble that he can be turned around by a ten minute conversation, is an impetuous bully and clearly loves to show off.  Hence his … Continue reading

The May Trump axis of ignorance: a zombie version of the special relationship

THEY made oddest couple in international politics: the belligerent misogynist and the vicar’s daughter. Theresa May literally walking hand-in-hand with Donald Trump outside the White House was a spectacle of toe-curling embarrassment for most of us. It was like a zombie version of the Special Relationship. The joint press conference was excruciating. May donning a … Continue reading

Trump First. Protectionism is the New World Order.

AS the Nobel laureates of the Nuclear Science and Security Board prepared to edge their famous Doomsday Clock closer to midnight last week, there was a distinct sense of time being called on the liberal era. It has become a media trope, a cliché, a cry of pain from the intelligentsia that the lights are … Continue reading

The truth about post-truth politics.

THE Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year 2016 is “post-truth”, meaning a culture in which objective facts are less influential in shaping opinion than emotional appeals. It was chosen ahead of rival buzzwords “Brexiteer” and “alt-right” which, as it happens, are rather good examples of post-truth. The Brexiters of Vote Leave claimed £350 million a … Continue reading

A Trump v Sanders presidential is not impossible as insurgent politics grips USA.

They’re both calling for a revolution against the banks, corporations and Washington lobbyists, but the front runners in the race for the White House couldn’t be more different. The 74-year old self-styled “democratic socialist”, Senator Bernie Sanders, is the most left wing victor of a presidential primary in living memory. He’s also the first Jew … Continue reading

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