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Devolution Australian style.

Imagine the reaction if anyone were to suggest in the debate about fiscal autonomy that all the tax revenues from house sales in Scotland should be handed to Holyrood. Then imagine the further row if (say)Wendy Alexander ? who keeps hinting about more powers but never seems to come up with any ? were to … Continue reading

Downunder it’s upside down as Rudd reinvents Blairism

You travel to the other side of the world and still all they’re talking about is house prices. Even in Australia, where they’re supposed to be interested in sport and barbecues, they’ve succumbed to the planetary obsession with real estate, that has ruined dinner table conversation and debased politics. The Australian election, which has been … Continue reading

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  • RT @Jonathon_Shafi: This is the official prospectus for Scottish independence: NATO will dictate the foreign policy, the City will dictate… 1 day ago

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