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Why Labour members are saying: give Jez a chance.

As a piece of political theatre, it was inspired. Labour MPs had mostly vacated their seats in the House of Commons on Tuesday after their disastrous abstention on the Welfare Bill. So the 56 SNP MPs occupied them claiming that they were the true opposition now. There was much teeth sucking and head shaking at … Continue reading

Corbyn may lose, but he’s already rocked the Labour establishment.

A man with a beard has become the story of the Labour leadership contest.  Dismissed by every ‘responsible’ commentator as a hopeless outsider, Jeremy Corbyn has gained the support of over 70 Labour constituency parties He is by any standards a contender, even though he has never really been interested in power. If only Labour … Continue reading

Greece: the end of the European ideal?

The Greek tragedy has become a European one, with disturbing lessons for small countries everywhere. But it is first of all a crisis of the European ideal itself. Those of us who believed that the EU was a great achievement of enlightened internationalism – breaking down national barriers, removing borders, increasing trade and communication – … Continue reading

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