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Universal Basic Income or universal basic poverty?

Covid has changed the landscape of employment out of all recognition. Around two million people have lost their jobs, millions more are on the government’s furlough scheme. Indeed, if you add in the public sector, some ten million people are now on the state payroll – nearly half the UK workforce.  So, why not just … Continue reading

Decriminalisation of hard drugs may make a lot of sense. But it won’t stop people taking them.

—————————————————————————————— Whenever I hear talk of decriminalising hard drugs, I think of “Hamsterdam”. That was the street name for an enlightened, albeit fictitious, decriminalisation scheme in the US TV series, The Wire, one of the most informed dramas about the impact of the drug problem on working class communities. A sensible and humane police chief, … Continue reading

It is December 2028 – four years since Scotland voted to leave the United Kingdom. The likelihood of a no deal looms larger by the hour as the latest round of talks in Manchester fail to agree on how to interpret the Withdrawal Agreement…

—————————————————————————- The Prime Minister, Michael Gove, has told the First Minister, Angus Robertson, that there can be no agreement on the Scottish border issue, ensuring free entry for Scottish people and goods, unless there is agreement on the other headline issues: debt, currency, defence and regulatory alignment. Mr Robertson accused London of behaving in a … Continue reading

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  • RT @Jonathon_Shafi: This is the official prospectus for Scottish independence: NATO will dictate the foreign policy, the City will dictate… 1 day ago

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