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MPs Expenses: what is to be done.

 “It’s a revolutionary moment”, said the former standards commissioner, Alistair Graham. “This is like the storming of the Bastille, only the prisoners aren’t being let out”.  The historical comparison was perhaps a little over the top, but everyone seems to accept that British politics will never be the same.  The question is, what comes next? … Continue reading

Give MPs a proper job.

   Why have members of parliament lost their sense of purpose and self-respect?  Why do so many of them apparently see elected office as a means of enriching themselves rather than improving the lives of their constituents?  The reason is that ordinary MPs in Westminster have very little power: they are in a very real … Continue reading

Martin Bell and the expenses scandal.

 “A Very British Revolution – the expenses scandal and how to save our democracy”  By Martin Bell. Icon Books    “Honesty, integrity, openness, objectivity, leadership, accountability and selflessness” – these were the seven principles of public life set out by Lord Nolan’s committee standards in public life in its 1995 report into the sleaze scandals … Continue reading

What’s the difference between the SNP and the BNP?

“What’s the difference between the SNP and the BNP? One letter and four hundred miles “ or so they used to say in the far Left. When I was young I used to annoy my late mother – a prominent nationalist in the1970s – by saying that the SNP was “racism with a human face”. … Continue reading

Forget the BNP – the financial fascists are in the City of London

The BNP leader Nick Griffin was predictably awful on Question Time . He exposed himself as a tongue-tied demagogue whose repellent views on the holocaust, race and homosexuality are thinly concealed beneath a New Labourish veneer of respectability. What did come as a surprise was how dreadful the rest of the panel was.  Baroness Warsi, … Continue reading

Keep the BNP white.

Is nothing sacred?  Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party and Question Time celebrity, says he intends to change the party constitution to allow non-white members. Can nothing stop this tide of political correctness?   Spics, Dagos and Wops.  Asians, Chinese Blacks.  In the BNP!    They.ll be marching along in their DMs and … Continue reading

The SNP are the only party to oppose Trident.

You can say what you like about Alex Salmond, and a lot of people do: that he’s a demagogue, troublemaker, narrow nationalist, even “Tartan Tory”.  The SNP is regarded with deep suspicion by many on the Left,  as if it’s there’s a BNP in there just waiting to get out.  But what no one seems … Continue reading

MPs expenses and City bonuses are two sides of same coin.

,,     It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Actually, let’s just stick with the worst.  Last week was a tale of two cities: in the City of London, the scumbag bankers were getting away with golden sacks of money, courtesy of the British tax payer, while a mile away … Continue reading

SNP ‘turkeys voting for an early bath’ in TV debate storm.

   It’s the great unmentionable that everyone’s talking about.  The Scottish National Party’s desperate bid to get a platform on the English premier league. The Scottish squad has made repeated attempts to get equal treatment with the English teams during the BBC coverage of next year’s finals. They’re hoping that their midfield miracle worker, Alex Salmond, … Continue reading

Alex Salmond will "hang Westminster from a Scottish rope"

SORRY, FOR SOME REASON THE SEVEN COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE GOT LOST IN EDITING. DIDN’T DELETE THEM.  When it comes to attention-seeking, no one does it better than Alex Salmond.  The SNP leader’s pre-conference interview with the Tory-leaning Daily Telegraph at the weekend was a classic of its kind .  “There’s a vast overwhelming majority of … Continue reading

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