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Prondzynski Report: the Principals Fight Back.

    It didn’t take the University Principals long to mobilise against the reforms to Scottish higher education governance recommended by the report last month chaired by the principal of Robert Gordon University, Ferdinand von Prondzynski.   Universities Scotland – the principals’ trades union – has condemned attempts to rein in principals’ pay – Prondzynski … Continue reading

The status quo isn’t what it used to be.

 The status quo isn’t what it used to be. In the old days, you knew where you stood when you voted No to constitutional change. You would be voting for things as they are – whatever arrangement happens to apply at the time of voting. Not any more. This weekend it is impossible to say … Continue reading

Pandagate. Those independence scare stories in full.

But they will never take…our pandas! I don’t know where the Mirror got the story that, because they were gifts to the UK not Scotland, we would lose Sunshine and Sweetie if Scotland voted for independence. The paper cited government sources.   But apart from being straight wrong – the pandas were lent to Edinburgh Zoo, … Continue reading

Devolution: plus, max, minus and squared.

 Readers of this column will be aware that I’ve been complaining about by gob being smacked on a regular basis by the twists and turns of unionist policy. Each week a new destiny is revealed for Scotland: independence light, devolution max, devolution plus, skinny devolution lite with a shot of max… You could be forgiven … Continue reading

Riding for a fall with the Murdoch hunt.

Why do they do it? Why do political leaders, even in Scotland, worship at the tawdry court of the Sun king Rupert Murdoch? What to they think they’ll gain? Murdoch is the most toxic brand in British public life, his crude right wing publications a byword for bent news and illegal practices like phone hacking. … Continue reading

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