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Cybernats are playing into Jim Murphy’s hands.

During the referendum campaign, Better Together was adept at exploiting the intemperate language used by some supporters of independence on the internet. The outpourings of the so called “cybernats” against JK Rowling, Jim Murphy and the Queen were handed to a willing press who hung them around the neck of the Yes campaign. This was … Continue reading

Oil price go up; and then they go down; and then….

There has been much Unionist glee at the recent collapse in the price of North Sea oil. A barrel of Brent crude is worth little more than half what it was six months ago and economists such as Professor Brian Ashcroft are saying that this has ruined the economics of independence. Mind you, I don’t … Continue reading

Welcome New Jim. He loves the stuff old Jim rejected.

There was never any doubt that Jim Murphy was the best candidate for leader of the ­Scottish Labour Party. No disrespect to Neil Findlay and Sarah Boyack, but personality and charisma are important in politics and the former Labour defence secretary has heaps of both, plus experience of Cabinet politics in Westminster. We’ve always said … Continue reading

“Disunited Kingdom: how Westminster won a referendum but lost Scotland” Out now.

Here is a brief summary of some of the arguments in my new book.  “Disunited Kingdom: how Westminster won a referendum but lost Scotland”.  Published 8/12/14 by Cargo Books. http://www.cargopublishing.com   ‘Changed, changed utterly” was Alex Salmond’s verdict, ­echoing WB Yeats on the referendum’s impact on Scotland. But how much really did change in those hectic … Continue reading

The Smith Report isn’t devo max or federalism. It is a fiscal trap.

READ IAIN TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS AND SUNDAYS ONLY IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD. Scotland now has “the most powerful devolved parliament on the planet”, according to Lord Smith of Vow, who unveiled the latest package of new powers for Holyrood last week. It may also become one of the most impoverished if his scheme is … Continue reading

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