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Strange death of Scottish Labour

Black arm bands would not have been out of place. Something died in the Glasgow East on Thursday night, and it wasn’t just Gordon Brown’s hopes of winning the next general election. It was evident in the mournful faces of the Scottish Labour party workers as they grimly awaited their worst by election defeat in … Continue reading

Earthquake in Glasgow Many dead.

Glasgow belongs to Labour no more. Alex Salmond promised a political “earthquake” in Glasgow East, and once again he has delivered, on a 22% swing. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/glasgow_and_west/7522153.stm This is an astonishing result, tearing the heart out of Labour in Scotland and sending shock waves through Downing Street. Glasgow East was Labour’s third safest seat in Scotland, … Continue reading

Why not turn all tyrants into holistic healers?

Healers with long flowing beards are reaching for the razors. The pigtails are being cut off and top knots are going the way of the mullet. Forget the financial crisis, it’s been a desperate week for the alternative therapy industry since the ‘Beast of Bosnia’, Radovan Karadzic, was discovered beneath a guru’s beard posing as … Continue reading

Financial crisis. How bad is it going to get?

So, just how bad is this financial crisis going to get? Well according to Bob Junjuah of the Royal Bank of Scotland: “A very nasty period is soon to be upon us. Be prepared”. It’s not like the RBS to go around making alarmist statements but it has warned of a “global equity and credit … Continue reading

Glasgow East. Labour goes South.

It’s often said that people in constituencies like Glasgow East would vote for a monkey provided it was wearing a red rosette. I would not dream of comparing Labour’s capable candidate Margaret Curran to a sub-human primate, but I suspect even she would agree that her party have made monkeys of themselves. Labour could hardly … Continue reading

Wuthering Brown

Gordon Brown comparing himself to Heathcliffe from “Wuthering Heights” was bad enough, but having to listen again to the caterwauling of Kate Bush really was too much. Talk about bad dreams in the night. Actually, Broon was fitted up over Heathcliffegate. He was clearly joking when he “agreed” in the New Statesman interview that he … Continue reading

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