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Tuition fees – the argument continues.

 University principals have been up in arms again over the abolition of university tuition fees.  “It’s a catastrophe for the university sector” said one university head, “how will we improve teaching and infrastructure?”  Industry leaders have warned that graduate standards might deteriorate.   Familiar sentiments.   However,  these are  objections to the abolition of university … Continue reading

Where are the university principals on tuition fees?

  The silence has been deafening.  Since the major Scottish political parties all came into line behind the policy of keeping Scotland tuition-fee free two weeks ago, I have not heard one positive comment from any of Scotland’s university principals.    Why aren’t they celebrating the fact that Scotland has decided to make a decisive break … Continue reading

UK Nuclear power programme has just gone up in smoke.

     There is a long established protocol for dealing with accidents at nuclear power plants.   First. the authorities insist there is no possibility of radiation escaping and that the public shouldn’t worry.  Then various nuclear experts appear on television saying that this accident shows just how safe nuclear power really is because it can withstand earthquakes … Continue reading

Sovereign debt crisis: hasn’t gone away you know.

   The sharks are circling again. The cost of debt rising inexorably in the Club Med countries.  After a couple months of respite, the spectre of sovereign debt is again casting a shadow over Europe.     I was in Portugal recently, on the eve of the biggest general strike  since that country became a … Continue reading

What do the SNP have to do to stay in office?

At their conference in Glasgow this weekend the Scottish National Party faithful are doing their best to keep their spirits up. Everything to play for.  Polls ambiguous. Alex will see us right.  No one thinks Iain Gray is a leader.  Perhaps not.  But the SNP is up against one of the greatest challenges in modern political … Continue reading

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